• Sailor RT 2048 VHF

Sailor RT 2048 VHF

The SAILOR RT2048 simplex/semiduplex VHF radiotelephone is a conveniently small set,

built to a high standard both mechanically and electronically. The small compact cabinet has

room for both transmitter, receiver and a large 6 W loudspeaker.


The set is equipped with an audio amplifier capable of delivering an additional

6 W into an external loudspeaker. The RT2048 operates with a continous output

power of 25 W on all possible channels.


Furthermore, the SAILOR RT2048 is equipped with all 54 international VHF channels

and full scanning facilities, or 40 private channels. Dual watch and quick

channel 16 are standard.

Programming Features:

• Incorporates all the international maritime VHF channels and the channels

required in USA. – weather channels etc.

• The simplex channels 75 and 76 with reduced output, when these are

released by the authorities.

• One or more of the channels can be blocked either totally or the transmitter


• Automatic reduction to 1 W can be programmed on one or more of the


• Can be programmed with up to 40 private channels.

• Blocking information to AUX-receiver can be programmed on one or more of

the channels.

• Prepared for DSC, Digital Selcall, (GMDSS).

• Prepared for ATIS.


Free choice between scanning facilities or additional 30 private channels. With

scanning facilities selected, the operator can easily programme the wanted

channels into the scanning sequence. The scanning programme can be revised

while operating. Even during scanning your preference channel normally

channel 16, has full priority.

Dual Watch

Enables the operator to listen out on two channels simultaneously – the

selected channel and your preference channel, normally channel 16 has full



The front panel is provided with a real push button keyboard offering an

attractive solid feel and a safe finger-guide in the metal front. A reliable,

totally sealed construction with night-time illumination.

Continuous Control

Continuous turn-style operation of SQUELCH and AF levels ensures optimum



Efficient LED-display ensures read-out of channel number and other indications

under all conditions. On switch-on, all settings prior to last switch-off will be


24V DC Power Supply N420

To supply VHF RT2048 from 24V DC.

AC/DC Power Supply N163S

To supply VHF RT2048/N420 from 24V DC and 110/220V AC with automatic



Sailor RT 2048 VHF

  • Marka: SAILOR
  • Ürün Kodu: RT-2048
  • Stok Durumu: Stokta var

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